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Reports and Research Publications

Memory Technology Resource Rooms (2020)

This evaluation reports on the r ole, contribution and value of Memory Technology Resource Rooms in Ireland. You can download this [here](

Telecare & Assistive Technology Evaluation (2016)

This report presents the results and conclusions from the evaluation of the telecare and assistive technology initiative (2012-2015) You can download this [here](

Implementing Assistive Technology in Dementia Care (2015)

This guide is structured around descriptions of products and services with practical tools for implementation and resources to access for further information. You can download this [here](

Dementia Support Worker Report (2014)

This report describes an evaluation of an innovative respite initiative providing individualised supports for people with dementia and their family carers using dementia support workers. You can download this [here](

Young Onset Dementia (2020)

This report provides Irish-based data to enable the development of models of care in relation to the diagnostic and post-diagnostic support needs for people with Young Onset Dementia You can download this [here](

The Continuum of Care (2019)

The National Dementia Office commissioned this report to provide evidence to develop appropriate alternatives to the current residential care model for people with dementia in Ireland You can download this [here](

Living Well with Dementia in South Tipperary Report 2023

Ten Years of Service Implementation and Sustainability into the Future. This report provides valuable information about the services and insights from healthcare professionals, people living with dementia and family carers. You can download the report [here](

Model of Care for Dementia in Ireland

This Dementia Model of Care outlines care pathways within the Irish health and social care system for people living with dementia from identification of symptoms / signs, through to assessment, diagnosis, communicating a diagnosis, care planning and post-diagnostic support.

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