The Memory Technology Library (MTL) was established in 2014 as a space to demonstrate assistive technologies that can support living with dementia and memory problems. There are many simple and advanced technologies to support people living with dementia, however these are mostly available online which can make it hard to know if it will be the right support for you. We have gathered and evaluated many of these assistive technologies and have them live on display for you to see and trial and help you make the right decision. You'll find more information on these under Assistive Technology page on this website or click here

Occupational Therapy Led Service

The MTL is managed by an Occupational Therapist (OT) who has a vast knowledge on how these technologies can work for you. The OT has evaluated the technologies to provide you with a better understanding of their therapeutic value and key considerations, as not all technologies are supportive and may cause more issues if not appropriately matched. You will meet with the OT at your visit who will work with you to problem solve key areas where dementia and memory is affecting engagement in daily activities. The OT will provide an individualised assessment and offer practical strategies and advice on areas affected.