People Living with Dementia

People in the South Tipperary area who have a diagnosis of dementia can visit the MTL and meet with the OT for an informal assessment. You can read more about the services and resources that may be covered during your visit here

People with Memory Problems

Not all people experiencing memory problems have a diagnosis of dementia, if you would like to discuss the practical strategies and see the assistive technologies that can support your memory you can make an appointment at the MTL to meet with the OT.

Family and Carers

We know there are many family members and carers working to support people living with dementia and the MTL service is also available to offer advice, education and information to support your caring role.

Health Care Professionals

The MTL welcomes healthcare professionals who wish to know more about assistive technologies, activities and practical supports that are offered at the MTL. If you are a healthcare worker and you wish to understand more please make an appointment with the OT.

Memory Technology Resource Rooms National Service

For those of you who do not live in the South Tipperary area there are similar services throughout the country. The Memory Technology Resource Rooms were established in 2018 based on the MTL service, they are run by OTs who can offer similar practical advice and demonstration of assistive technologies.

Please click here to find an Memory Technology Resource Room closest to you

Healthcare staff please click here for the referral form